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Campaign Fundraising: 15 Non-Money Asks

Spoiler Alert: Money isn’t the only thing you can ask for on your campaign!

Oftentimes candidates are so focused on fundraising and voter contact that they forget they can ask for help that isn’t money. Before you skip over a name on your call list, ask yourself if there is something else they can do for your campaign, whether or not they can make a financial contribution.

Here are 15 of our favorite campaign fundraising asks that aren’t money

  1. Volunteer time. Campaigns rely heavily on volunteers to help with canvassing, phone banking, and other tasks.
  2. Endorsements. If someone has a large following or is well-respected in your community, their endorsement can be a valuable asset for a campaign.
  3. Signage and yard signs. If you have a supporter with a high-visibility property, ask to put up campaign signs during the election to help increase visibility for the candidate.
  4. Social media support. Ask everyone you know to share campaign posts, create their content to promote the candidate and use their social media channels whenever possible to reach out to potential voters.
  5. Host a fundraiser. Ask someone to host a fundraiser or meet & greet event because this can be a great way to raise money and bring attention to the campaign.
  6. Offer a skill. If a supporter has a specific skill or expertise that can be of value to the campaign, such as graphic design, website development, or data analysis, you can ask for help in that area.
  7. Provide transportation. Ask supporters to provide transportation for volunteers during the campaign or help voters get to polling locations on Election Day.
  8. Offer office space. Ask if they have office or storage space that the campaign can use.
  9. Donate supplies. The campaign may need supplies such as printing paper, pens, and other materials. Ask for help by donating these supplies or by purchasing them on the campaign’s behalf.
  10. Help with voter registration. Supporters can help the campaign by volunteering to help register voters or hosting voter registration events in their community.
  11. Get out the vote. On Election Day, supporters can help by reminding people to vote or helping people who need assistance get to the polls.
  12. Offer their professional network: Your supporters’ professional networks can be a valuable asset for the campaign. For example, ask for introductions to their colleagues, friends, or other contacts who may be able to help the campaign.
  13. Help on the campaign trail. Ask for help as a campaign buddy to go with you to events or even door-to-door.
  14. Encourage others to get involved. Ask supporters to also encourage their friends, family, and colleagues to get involved. They can support the campaign by volunteering, donating, or spreading the word.
  15. Write a letter to the editor. Ask supporters to write a letter to the editor of their newspaper to promote your campaign or highlight campaign issues.

Don’t let campaign fundraising fatigue hold you back from asking for help. There are many ways to support a political campaign beyond just giving money. A campaign is not only about the candidate but also about the people behind it and the communities that support it. Every little bit of help counts, and together you can make a significant impact.

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