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What is an In-kind Contribution?

An in-kind campaign contribution is a non-monetary contribution made to a political campaign. These contributions can take many forms, including goods or services that are provided to the campaign at no cost or a reduced cost. In-kind contributions are subject to the same rules and regulations as monetary contributions and must be reported to the appropriate campaign finance authorities.

Examples of in-kind contributions include things like office space, printing services, or advertising space that is donated to the campaign. In-kind contributions can also include services provided by volunteers, such as time spent making phone calls or stuffing envelopes.

In-kind contributions can be made by individuals, political committees, or organizations. The campaign must report the value of the in-kind contribution. This value is usually determined by the fair market value of the goods or services provided. For example, if a campaign receives office space as an in-kind contribution, the value of the contribution would be the amount that the campaign would have had to pay to rent the space.

Things to watch out for

Campaigns need to be careful about accepting in-kind contributions. There may be restrictions on the types of in-kind contributions that are allowed and limits on the value of in-kind contributions that a campaign can accept. Federal campaigns, for example, are subject to contribution limits set by the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Limits vary depending on the type of campaign and contributor. Generally, an individual or political committee can contribute up to a certain amount per election cycle.

It is important for campaigns to accurately report in-kind contributions. Failure to do so can result in fines and other penalties. Campaigns must also be careful to ensure that they are not accepting in-kind contributions that are illegal or otherwise prohibited. For example, it is illegal for a campaign to accept in-kind contributions from foreign nationals or foreign governments.

Why Accept an In-kind Contribution

There are several reasons why a campaign may choose to accept in-kind contributions. For example, a campaign may not have the funds available to purchase certain goods or services. An in-kind contribution can help to fill that gap. In-kind contributions can also be made by individuals or organizations that do not have the financial means to make a monetary contribution, but still want to support the campaign in some way.

In-kind contributions can be a valuable resource for campaigns. They can help to reduce the costs of running a campaign and allow campaigns to stretch their budgets further. However, it is important for campaigns to be transparent about their in-kind contributions and accurately report and disclose contributions to ensure compliance with campaign finance laws.

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