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What is a campaign vendor?

When your campaign needs a product or a service outside of the skillset of the candidate, campaign manager or in-house team, it is time to call in a specialized campaign vendor. Your campaign vendor is likely an outsourced subcontractor who is tasked with a specialized role for your campaign.

The role of a campaign vendor can vary greatly depending on the size and scope of the campaign, as well as the vendor’s area of expertise.

Services Provided By A Campaign Vendor:

Campaign consultants

Campaign consultants are individuals or firms that provide advice and strategy for political campaigns. These advisors help you chart the course and may coordinate much of your outsourced vendor team.

Printing and design

Campaigns need materials such as brochures, posters, and yard signs to get their message out. Vendors can provide printing and design services to help campaigns create effective and eye-catching materials, including t-shirts and promotional items.

Television and radio advertising

Television and radio are still used heavily as important mediums for political campaigns to reach voters. Campaign vendors can help create and place television and radio ads, which can significantly impact public opinion and campaign success.

Surveys and polls

Surveys and polls are crucial tools for understanding public opinion and gauging support for a candidate. Campaign vendors can provide survey and polling services to help campaigns gather valuable data.

Website development

Campaigns need websites and other digital platforms to reach voters and communicate their message. Vendors can provide technology and website development services to help campaigns establish a solid online presence.

Digital marketing

Campaigns today rely heavily on digital marketing strategies, and vendors can help develop and execute effective online advertising and social media campaigns.


Fundraising is a critical component of any political campaign, and vendors can provide expertise and support to help campaigns meet their financial goals.

How do you find a campaign vendor?

Campaign vendors play a crucial role in the success of political campaigns, providing essential support and expertise to help candidates reach their goals, but it can be challenging to find the right team to help you reach your goals. This is where Women Campaign steps in. Women Campaign has a network of verified campaign vendors to help you reach your goals. Visit our campaign vendor directory to search for vendors locally and nationwide, or let us help you find the perfect match with our vendor match service.

Women Campaign adopted a similar vendor search process used by Fortune 500 companies to help connect women who are running for office with women who excel at winning campaigns.

This service is provided to candidates free-of-charge because network vendors pay a 10% referral fee to Women Campaign if we make a successful match. It’s a win-win solution for everyone!

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From polling and fundraising to television and digital marketing, vendors offer a wide range of services that help campaigns run smoothly and effectively.

Overall, a campaign vendor is a valuable resource for any political campaign, providing the support and expertise needed to help campaigns succeed. Whether a campaign is large or small, a vendor can provide critical support and help candidates reach their goals.

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