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Perfect Lighting for Your Video Calls

We have all been there when the video call goes live and the speaker’s lighting is less than ideal. In politics today, video calls have become more and more common, and it is critical for you to be set up for a professional political video lighting at a moment’s notice. To help you put your best screen forward in your next video call or political testimony, we created a list of our favorite techniques for achieving the perfect lighting for your video call:

Use natural light

Natural light is the best type of light to use for a video call. Sit facing a window or use a room with a lot of natural light. This will provide a soft, natural light that will make the video look clear and professional.

Invest in a ring light

A ring light exploded in popularity for video calls and video recording because they provide a flattering, soft light that looks clear and professional. Ideally, you place your camera (or phone) in the center of the light so you are evenly lit. Ring lights can be placed on your desk or mounted on a tripod, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles. We like this one for its small size, adjustable height, and because you can use it with a phone or behind a laptop.

Adjust the lighting

Adjust the lighting in the room to ensure that it is not too bright or too dark. If the room is too bright, it can create a glare on the camera lens. If the room is too dark, the video may look grainy and hard to see.

Avoid backlighting

Backlighting is when the light source is behind the person on the video call. This can create a silhouette effect, making it difficult to see the person’s face. Instead, position the light source in front of the person on the video call to ensure their face is well-lit.

Experiment with different lighting setups

Experiment with different lighting setups to find the one that works best for your video call. Try different angles and positions of the light source to see how it affects the video.

Check your lighting before the call

Before the call, check your political video lighting to ensure that it is adequate and that there is no glare or shadows on the face. It is always a good idea to test the video call with another person to see how the lighting appears to them.

By following these tips, you can achieve the perfect lighting for your video call. Proper lighting can make the video look clear and professional, and it can create a more engaging and practical experience for all participants. Remember that attention to detail is key, so take the time to set up the lighting for your video call and make sure it is perfect.

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