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In-kind donations can be a valuable resource for political campaigns, providing goods or services that might otherwise strain your budget. However, there may be times when you find it necessary to decline an in-kind donation. Here’s a guide on when and how to turn down in-kind donations gracefully: When to Decline an In-Kind Donation Not […]

Decline an In-Kind Donation

Should You Decline an In-Kind Donation?

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Fundraising plays a critical role in every political campaign. Although online crowdfunding and small-dollar donations are becoming increasingly popular, traditional donor meetings remain a significant part of the fundraising process. If you’re an aspiring candidate preparing for your first donor meeting, here are key aspects you should know: 1. Know Your Donor Preparation is key. […]

Donor Meeting

Donor Meeting: Know Before You Go

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An in-kind campaign contribution is a non-monetary contribution made to a political campaign. These contributions can take many forms, including goods or services that are provided to the campaign at no cost or a reduced cost. In-kind contributions are subject to the same rules and regulations as monetary contributions and must be reported to the […]

Campaign service in-kind contribution

What is an In-kind Contribution?