Congratulations! You're ready to run!

It’s clear that you have been doing the work, and you are ready to start your campaign! Here are a final few things to keep in mind as you launch your campaign and put your name on the ballot.

Lock in a strong team
If you haven’t already, it’s time to put together your campaign team. Your campaign team should be knowledgeable when it comes to running campaigns and dedicated to standing by your side from now until Election Day.

Questions to ask yourself:
• Are you comfortable leading a team or have a plan to learn?
• Have you thought about how you want to work with your campaign team on who makes final decisions?
• Do you have a plan for how you will handle disagreements over campaign strategy with your team?

Stick to your values
It is impossible to plan for everything before you start your campaign, but with strong values, you and your campaign team will be ready for whatever comes your way. Make a commitment to yourself early in the campaign on what topics are non-negotiable. This can include things from time with your family to negative campaigning.

Questions to ask yourself:
• Are there any personal commitments that must be protected during your campaign?
• Are there any topics or issues that you would rather lose than give in?
• Do you have someone in your personal life who may be outside your campaign team who will keep you grounded?

Don’t forget to take care of yourself
Finally, you have some hard months ahead, and it’s critical that you take care of yourself. Schedule yourself some time each week for self-care and to recharge. Maybe that is a peaceful walk or a mani-pedi, but make sure that time is protected, and you hold firm. Also, plan ahead on the campaign for some time off to spend with the people who will be in your life whether you win or lose. Schedule that family vacation and be sure your campaign team knows about it and can plan around it.

Questions to ask yourself:
• What are the things that help you recharge?
• How will you make time to protect your personal relationships during your campaign?
• How will you enforce these boundaries with your campaign team?

Congratulations, you’ve made it!
Getting to the point where you’re ready to put your name on the ballot is a huge accomplishment. Our world needs more women like you!

How Can We Help You Get Started?

Race Analysis

We can help you take an impartial look at your race and give you the information you need to start building your campaign plan and team.

Candidate Background & Resources

Before you take the leap, we can help you make sure your background and image are campaign ready.

Find The Right Team

Let us help you build the perfect campaign team by connecting you with consultants, staff and vendors with proven records.

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