You’re Almost Ready to Run!

It’s clear you’ve been doing the work to start your campaign! You’ve almost checked all the boxes, but there are a few things left to do before you put your name on the ballot.

Check in with your support network
This is a great time to make sure your personal life is ready to add this commitment. By now you have probably talked to the important people in your life about your desire to run and have been thinking about how to add campaigning to your schedule.

Questions to ask yourself:
• Are the people closest to you supportive, and do you have a plan in case they aren’t?
• Do you have a plan to make sure you can spend enough time on the campaign and your personal/work life?
• Are you ready to put yourself out there and receive both the good and bad feedback?

Build a winning team
If you haven’t already, now is the time to start putting together your campaign team. Starting with a consultant or manager, they can help make sure you’re seeing the entire playing field and help get your name out there and lining up support.

Questions to ask yourself:
• Have you had conversations with any campaign professionals about your campaign?
• Do you have an idea of what your campaign budget should look like and how to fund it?
• Have you familiarized yourself with the responsibilities of the seat you’re running for?

Get ready to launch
Finally, spend this time thinking about how you’re going to launch your campaign. If you don’t already have a district locked in, keep your eyes open for opportunities such as open seats or appointments. If you are committed to a race, you can start building your resources; logos, supporters, and even fundraising.

Questions to ask yourself:
• Do you have a race picked out or a plan to find one?
• Have you started thinking about your launch?
• Do you know the rules for what financial reports you need to be filing starting now and through your campaign?

So, what comes next?
You’re in the final steps before you’re ready to launch your campaign. Make sure to double-check your to-do list one last time, line up your campaign team, and get ready to put your name on the ballot. And, don’t forget that we’re here to help you along the way!

How Can We Help You Get Started?

Race Analysis

We can help you take an impartial look at your race and give you the information you need to start building your campaign plan and team.

Candidate Background & Resources

Before you take the leap, we can help you make sure your background and image are campaign ready.

Find The Right Team

Let us help you build the perfect campaign team by connecting you with consultants, staff and vendors with proven records.

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