You’re not ready to run for office yet, but you will get there!

Our world needs more brave women like you; women who see problems and solutions, and women who have a unique voice to add to the conversation. We want to help you add the skills and resources you need to be successful when you take the big step to put your name on the ballot.

Strong foundations are critical for successful campaigns.
Political campaigns are hard, so using this time to build a solid foundation will help set you up for success. The great thing about foundations is that you can continue to build it stronger and stronger until the right time comes for you to run for office.

Questions to ask yourself:
• Are the most important people in your life supportive of your campaign?
• Will your work allow the flexibility needed to run a campaign?
• Do you have the financial resources available to provide your campaign with startup funds?

You will never regret spending this time to invest in yourself.
The great thing about preparing to run for office is that it is an investment in yourself and doesn’t go away after an election. You can invest in yourself in so many ways, each providing a unique strength that will help strengthen you as a candidate and for your future campaign.

Questions to ask yourself:
• Do you volunteer in the community?
• Are you aware of the key issues in your district?
• Are you comfortable discussing your ideas both one-on-one and to a group?

So, what comes next?
There is no better time to start getting ready for your campaign than now! Keep up the good work setting and reaching your goals, and your name will be on the ballot in no time!

How Can We Help You Get Started?

Get Ready To Run Training Program

Our campaign experts have created a one-of-a-kind online training program to teach you the skills you need to be ready to run a successful political campaign.

Race Analysis

We can help you take an impartial look at your race and give you the information you need to start building your campaign plan and team.

Candidate Background & Resources

Before you take the leap, we can help you make sure your background and image are campaign ready.

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