Campaign Viability

Congratulations on your decision to run for office! Before you start designing logos and knocking on doors, you need a strong foundation, and the experienced campaign professionals at Women Campaign are here to help you lay the groundwork for a successful campaign!

The Women Campaign team has more than 25 of years experience advising campaigns from local to federal and know what it takes for a candidate to be successful.

What Makes Us Different

Women Campaign as an organization does not run campaigns; instead, it is our goal to connect you with resources to be successful. Because we aren’t competing to run your campaign, we are able to give you impartial advice to help you judge district and candidate viability as well as help you select a campaign team that fits your needs.

Why Viability Matters

Many times candidates jump into races without having all of the information to be viable. It is our goal to arm you with information to help you make informed decisions, provide an outside perspective, and use our decades of experience managing campaigns to help guide you through the earliest parts of your campaign, before you have your final team in place.

While it is not required to complete all phases, we have put together these tools to give you a comprehensive overview of where your campaign is starting from to help you develop your campaign strategy.

Not sure where to start? Let’s Talk!

Schedule your complimentary, 1-hour consultation call with one of our experienced campaign consultants. We’ll give you our honest feedback on where you are now, where you need to go, and how our campaign viability program will help you be successful. 

Phase One: Campaign District Analysis


You have a district in mind, now let the experienced campaign professionals at Women Campaign conduct a campaign district analysis for you. We will send you a report with all of the details you need to know about the race for you to have at your fingertips while you’re making your decision, and while we’re at it, we will look at all of the races in your area in case there is another race that might be a better fit for you.

What’s included:

  • Analysis of previous election results and voter registration in the district
  • Overview of the campaign financials of the incumbent or likely opponents
  • Analysis of key donors who have donated against the incumbent in the past
  • Review of media coverage of the incumbent
  • Analysis of race costs, including fundraising and personal contributions
  • Overview of a typical campaign budget for the race
  • Review of other races to consider

Phase Two: Candidate Background Analysis


Before you take the jump, the experienced campaign professionals at Women Campaign will conduct a candidate background check to make sure you know what your opponents will find when you enter the race. We provide an impartial report to help you and your campaign team make the best decisions on how to position you in your campaign.

What’s included:

  • Analysis of the candidate’s personal network for volunteers and fundraising ability
  • Review of candidate’s media coverage
  • Review of candidate’s social media for red flags
  • Personal background check on the candidate

Phase Three: District Polling & Analysis


Before you make the jump, the campaign professionals at Women Campaign can help make sure you know exactly what is ahead for your campaign. We will poll and report on the public sentiment in your district on topics ranging from incumbent approval to key talking points. This poll will help you recruit your early campaign supporters, showing them your path to victory.

What’s included:

  • 15 question public opinion poll in your district to include questions about current environment, potential
    candidates, important issues, etc.
  • Poll analysis and report

Phase Four: Managed Staffing RFP & Search


The campaign professionals at Women Campaign know the challenges of setting up a new campaign and want to help you make sure your hiring decisions aren’t one of them. We will work with you to develop your campaign structure and key positions. We will then seek proposals from campaign professionals for you to review. We will facilitate interviews and help you select the campaign team best suited to help you win.

What’s included:

  • Overview of the management structure for political campaigns
  • Development of job descriptions and budgets for key roles
  • Conduct search and pre-vetting of vendors, consultants and/or staff for each key role
  • Facilitate pitch calls and proposals from interested parties