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Volunteering for a political campaign can be a unique and enriching experience. Whether you are working to elect a candidate you believe in or simply want to get involved in the political process, there are many valuable lessons to be learned as a campaign volunteer. Here are 10 things you can learn while volunteering for […]

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10 Things You Learn as a Campaign Volunteer

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A citizens academy educates and engages members of a community about their local government and law enforcement agencies. Programs typically include a series of classes or workshops as well as cover a wide range of topics related to the workings of local government, community safety, and law enforcement. The goal of a citizens academy is […]

Citizens Academy Provides Valuable Training

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If you haven’t already, somewhere along your political journey there will be an opportunity to give public comment at a government or community meeting. Whether the idea of public speaking fills you with excitement or terrifies you to the point of hiding under your desk, it is a critical tool for making your voice heard […]

Three Cs of Classy {Public} Comments

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In 2008 Barack Obama changed the face of elections forever when his campaign brought social media into mainstream campaigning. Today it’s unheard of for a candidate not to have at least some presence on social media, but what hasn’t changed is the value of the endorsement of their supporters. Now more than ever your voice […]

Level up your social media voice

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The coronavirus outbreak turned the world upside down, and that includes the political world with the 2020 campaigns well underway when the world shut down, leaving the campaigns you support without their ground game. Just because you can’t knock on doors or attend events to support the issues you care about doesn’t mean you can’t […]

Supporting Campaigns From Home

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By Megan Bedera, Women Campaign Founder I am a woman who has made a career in politics; I have been running political campaigns for more than a decade for candidates from Congress to school board, and in that time, maybe a third of my clients have been women, and before starting Women Campaign, I couldn’t […]

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Megan Bedera: Why Women Campaign? Because it’s time for women to take their seat at the table