Connect with Megan

Megan Bedera, Founder

Megan Bedera has always had a heart for helping women get out of their comfort zones and achieve their dreams, especially when those dreams are running for (and winning) a political office. Megan founded Women Campaign to be a training program for women to learn skills and gain confidence to take a more active role in their government. Megan is working to make Women Campaign a community of women leaders from coast to coast to connect, strategize and work together to make significant change in their communities.

Megan Bedera co-founded and continues to operate her million dollar political advertising agency with offices in Nevada and Texas. For the last decade, Megan has consulted, managed and supported political campaigns from Capitol Hill to Main Street USA, but to be honest, her heart most often leads her to local campaigns because she truly believes the government that best represents the people is closest to the people.

Megan has a unique mix of experience that helps her connect to her clients on a personal level. Her country roots run deep, and she often makes FFA or rodeo references, or cites examples from managing constituent services in the rural parts of Nevada. On the other end of the spectrum, Megan holds a master’s degree in Strategic Public Relations from The George Washington University and is an active member of the Junior League of Dallas.